Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spiritual Chamber

Space, is providing privacy, and at the same time drawing the line. It felt so paradoxical, it may not limit and impose limit simultaneously. Of course this view depends on how we see it. The tendency is, when we are in a room, we feel possessing the space and it somewhat protects us, then we would be so often in this space because the feeling of comfort. What is happening now is so, because it is located at a comfort zone, then it simultaneously closes the door to another room.
I represent this on religious institutions, which now tend to change its function. Not only the institutions but also on the individual. Faith is often misused in order to give justification for the actions of anarchies. It is a space. Spirituality, it is called, and religion is a vehicle that brings it into the realm of morality. Further than just a personal space, religion can also become a large community where the people in it share a particular belief. Indonesia as a pluralistic country, its people has many differences, such as race, and religion. In creating harmony amongst these differences, tolerance and mutual understanding are crucially needed , particularly in the midst of inter-religious groups. This plays an important role in people's lives, because faith is a principle of one’s life, that if we do not open ourselves to each other, it will create chaos because of the emergence of a sense of mutual distrust and suspicion. 
Tolerance can only be tested when we are in a majority position. This is proven by the high number of radical measures and intolerant behavior of the majority against minority groups, according to research conducted by the Wahid Institute in 2010. On the contrary, when we are in a minority position, the tolerance is becoming a necessity. Spiritual space looks to be something that not only is in the personal context, but also groups. So it is not possible, that a group of particular faith be closed due to the "threat" from outside groups.
Human feels that he can move freely when he is being in the group that makes him comfortable. It also occurs in the context of belief. Seeing other faiths, especially today, will be completely unfamiliar. This impression has arisen since the increasing numbers of violence performed in the name of religion lately. So this is the era when religion becomes a private space that feels safe and free from within, but imposes the limitations of other spaces.
for FUR MAGAZINE Vol. 13 SPACE Edition

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