Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This year's surprise movie was not as sucks as last year's, but it still wasn't the kind of movie that makes you shudder, well it's not 'surprising' enough for me. The haunting one was 'Rumah Babi' from FISFIC, I wonder why it didn't win.

my fellow rose at the studio, almost withered

progress.. progress.. progress..

a slice of sinfully delicious red velvet cake by Whiteplate

I attended a pinhole workshop at PAF, can't believe this little one was crafted by my own filthy unskilled hands (with a little help from the mentor of course :p). The thing about pinhole cameras is that you have to calculate how long you will open the shutter by your own. Ok, this one is definitely not my thing, so let's just hope for the best (= few frames survive)!

good day!

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