Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just A Few Updates


It's been a while since I wrote anything substantial on my blog. Well, I don't think I "have" wrote any substantial thing before either. Honestly, I always think my friends' blog always be really good to read, much better than mine, substantial. And I love spending hours just to blog-walk their pages. That's why I was a little confuse when my boyfriend told me that I have abandoned this personal blog of mine, rotten, for such a long time. He told me to write again, but I don't really remember when is the last time I jot down my mind in a blog post. All I can remember is, I post photos, with a little briefs, and captions. That's all. Haha, how sad.

By the way, I work in Jakarta now, and I've been very, literally, busy with my job lately. This is my first job as a fresh-graduate. Even the rush has started before graduation, and it became crazier the day after my graduation day. I had to search for dorm the night before the first day of my job, which is a day just after the day I graduated. Well I had to do that at night because I have a photo job from Sunday morning to evening, which I couldn't cancel. My parents and I arrived at 9 p.m in Jakarta that night, then we hunted out immediately, because my parents had to go back to Bandung before midnight. Luckily, after a desperate search, we found a dorm, which one of my friend recommend, and it happened that my parents really liked it because of a really 'conservative' reason. It's girls-only, haha.

I work as Nicoline Patricia's assistant now, which is more like a dream job to me. I was very happy just to know that I was given the opportunity to follow the probation, and even happier to be accepted as her assistant, because she's one of my favourite photographer (and Agra's too, hehe). I even didn't expect that I was called for an interview, and I was thankful that Agra's being very helpful to help me get through the process. :)

I learn that working here means there isn't anything sure, mostly about time. The worst part for me, is to adapt with this city I'm actually hate, haha. The traffic jams, the heat, unbelievably impatient people.. but I don't know, perhaps getting to know more about Jakarta will make me love this city, maybe.Anyway, I don't want to worry about too much things about my job, because I know it's all worthwhile. I'm living my own dream anyway.

 Me at NPM studio, posing sexily with the balloons.
Haha no! I'm the one wearing the black shirt in a weird pose. (photo by: Anna Somik)

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